February 15, 2014

TV Show Review: Hostages

I really don’t think this show had a chance to even get off the ground. It had good acting, good production, but the storyline kind of fell a little flat there toward the end of the first (and only) season, and really never could pick it back up again.

They’re first mistake was casting an unattractive (in my opinion) female star. Even the FBI agent’s wife was unattractive. Quinn Shephard had quite the performance, though, as the teenage daughter. I can’t imagine she won’t do anything else but skyrocket to the top in Hollywood.

There were supposedly talks of a second season with an all new cast, but I can’t imagine that ever happening. If they brought back the originals (that survived), and had the family work to break out the FBI agent from prison, that might be interesting. But, leaving at it is, provides some closure. Kind of dull, though, all the way around. Apparently, the Israeli version of this show (the original) is doing much better than this one did.

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