March 14, 2014

Music Review: Birdy

I was working this morning and Birdy came on my music player. Immediately, I reveled in the morbid sound of that haunting little voice, but realized that I had never actually did a review on this, her first, album. Needless to say, I jumped over to my blog and got to work (yeah, procrastination).

Regardless, when I stumbled onto this girl about a year ago, I thought she was nothing less than a godsend. Her voice, the choice of songs, so desperate, dripping with sorrow and misery, so solemn and holy and raw. Perfection. Many of the songs I’d never heard before, and, after checking them out, I quickly found Birdy’s versions were often MUCH better!

She actually spent weeks as the only artist on my playlist, until I had all the songs lyrics memorized and wanton for more. But, that’s a story for later. Suffice it to say, this first album from a 16 year old English girl is a MUST-HAVE for any self-respecting person’s playlist. At least, anyone who has even an inkling of the misery that life is. 😉

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