March 15, 2014

TV Show Review: 24

I had a few minutes to spare before I had to get back to work this morning, and thought I’d share a review of a great tv series that ended awhile back, but is now, apparently, actually coming back for a 9th season mini-series. You got it! Jack Bauer is back, baby! And he’s ready to kill some more people and break a whole lot of rules.

Needless to say, I’m a bit excited.

I stumbled onto the premiere on a website I frequent and I just about jumped out of my own skin. I started watching the show several years ago, back to back, season to season, until I was caught up. Then the last season came and then the season finale, and we were all left with Jack being on the run – forever. Not a bad closing (better than most), but I guess Jack was tired of retirement, and wanted to do some more damage. The first 8 seasons were splendid. I can’t imagine what this next one will be like. Apparently, it’s a star-studded cast this season, so buckle up!

The premiere is on Monday, May 5th. Tune it. It’ll be GREAT!

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