March 15, 2014

TV Show Review: Continuum

On the cusp of a new Season 3 Premiere (Sunday, March 16th), I figured it was high time I posted a review of the smash hit, Continuum.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been and still are some pretty significant problems with the show. Acting is sometimes sub-par, production looks a little flaky at times, but what a hell of a story, which makes up for any and all deficiencies. First off, one major reason to watch the show is Rachel Nichols. Enough said, right? But I think Erik Knudsen does a great job of playing Alec Sadler, the genius teenager who will one day take over the world and create the entire reality Kiera lives in. Chock full of time travel, paradoxes, crazy villains and even more flawed heroes, this show is one of the best on tv right now.

Add to all that an UNBELIEVABLE Season 2 finale (I mean that literally), and there’s no telling what we’re in store for tomorrow. I can’t wait!

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