I decided awhile back that if I set a goal for 500 words of writing and editing (total = 1000 words daily), then I would be able to produce two new books each year. I’m not sure what the three K’s are producing at this point (Koontz, King, Kontrath), but I figure if I could consistently put out two new titles a year, I’d be doing pretty good.

So, I started with a clean slate today and I jumped on it early this morning, shortly after getting up. I figure this is the best way to do it, especially in the summer when I’m busy with lots of clients at my day job. My strategy is to knock out my writing early in the morning, which gives me the rest of the day to do whatever the hell else I want, without guilt.

This morning I knocked off over 600 words on my editing, and then over 600 on my writing. Here’s to a good start. 😉

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