March 17, 2014

Music Review: Birdy

I had high, HIGH, hopes for this young lady while waiting for her Junior album to be release. It was to be the first real album, as the first was a collection of cover songs, with only one or two originals. Unfortunately, I think this second attempt (her first real attempt) fell rather flat. There are a few catchy songs, maybe one or two that harken back to the moody, somber collection of her first album (which I fell in love with), but most of the songs are popish and quite cardboardish. I was utterly disappointed (quite gutted, as they say over there) and wouldn’t recommend this album if you at all liked her first endeavor. Let’s hope she learns her lesson and goes back to being part of the moody chick squad. At least she has her new low album sales to bewail about now.

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