Yes, it is a fairytale tv show and probably its target segment is the family unit, I have to say, this show is probably one of the best on tv right now. I originally started watching it after following Ginnifer Goodwin over from HBO’s Big Love. She does a great job as Snow White, and alot happened in the first two seasons, so much so I was certain it would find a dismal end and be canceled. Instead, they rebooted the story and cleared the board, re-creating the characters in a wholly new way, and then has now, by the second half of the third season, started introducing new characters (like the Wicked Witch of the West).

The special effects are a bit limited (and hokey), and the stories are sometimes a bit strained, but, they still manage to pull it off. And, now that Rumble is back, hell hath no fury like a wizard scorned!

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