I got some pretty good news last night, surprisingly. It seems, when Piers Morgan was flippant about the new Fox News lineup awhile back, he was bluffing. Ratings not so good after all, eh, there, Piers?

That’s right, America’s most hated Brit has been tossed off the air (or will be at some point). His show has been canceled, finally, and he claims he’ll still be working for CNN, doing occasional shows of “big names,” which is what he wanted all alone. Yeah, right.

I remember, for as long as I can remember, his show was always a bouncer for me. You know the type. You’re trying to find something to watch, and you flip over to CNN and discover Morgan is on. Nope. That’s not news. That’s not even worth watching, and settle for reruns of Cops. Pretty bad, when someone would rather watch a reality show about people getting arrested.

I used to hate Piers Morgan on the Got Talent Shows, but only because he was the character judge to rail against. All in all, it doesn’t really matter much, thought it will be nice to know he won’t be on every night soon. I’m sure some other stuffed shirt will fill the vacuum, or maybe CNN will decide running dead air would be better for ratings than anyone else they could get.

Long live Fox News! They may not be fair and balanced, but, at least they’re watchable. RIP Morgan.

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