Well, I accomplished almost nothing today. I was a bit down in the dumps, struggling with the reality of my situation (as is the situation for many). It’s like this every time I try and read a writing blog that has to do with marketing or selling books. The sheer numbers of unsuccessful writers out there makes me want to throw my hands up and quit (and I have countless times). The reality that success has more to do more with luck than anything else makes me want to scream. But, as another writer blogs alot: no one guarantees you a career as a writer. No one guarantees you success. Talent (whatever that is) doesn’t ensure success and fame and money. Neither does having connections (though it certainly doesn’t hurt).

I often tell myself, “Oh, it doesn’t matter if I make any money. Writing is a good hobby for old age, keep my mind active and alive,” or “I’m a writer – all that matters is my story and my characters.” I call bullshit on both of those statements. I WANT to make money. I WANT all the success that goes with it. Really, all I want is the money, though I would like to be on a late night tv show and be on the best sellers list and make millions of dollars. Yes, I would like all that. But I don’t NEED any of it.

In the eyes of many would-be writers, I’m already a success. I’m already lucky as hell. I complain about having to set aside enough time each day to edit 900 words so I can hit my 2 books a year goal, and, yet, I have literally ALL DAY with almost nothing to do. My day job takes about 2 hours of my time each day, if I’m really busy. The rest of my day is spent tinkering on my computer or watching sitcoms.

Really. I know I am an absolute ass. Most writers have a full time job they have to juggle (one that they actually have to be at with a boss and with horrible co-workers) and then they have to come up with time in the evenings and on weekends. Many of mortgages to pay, bills stacking up, families to support – the list can be and often is endless.

I literally have NOTHING to complain about, do I?

There is really only one explanation for not setting my writing goals at editing around 20-40 pages a day and writing closer to 2000.

It’s called laziness.

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