Not bad today for the first day of my new approach. I, unfortunately, did go past noon, specifically due to distractions from clients. This will only get worse as the summer season warms up and I have more clients in my day job. Not to worry, though. If I started getting up at 4am like I used to and writing for two or three hours, without client distractions, I could potentially get everything done before my day even begins.

Of course. I would have to get up at 4am every morning, which is a big problem when you’re staying up late at night.

I’m rather excited that I have all fifteen book plots lined out as to when they will each be published. We’re looking at 4-5 years for all titles, with one new title being release each quarter.

Much better than one title every five years. If I can stick with this schedule, I’ll have four titles in print by the end of this 2014, with a fifth one being released right away in Jan 2015.

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