I finished up my targets by about 1pm this afternoon, really enjoying the process for the first time in a really long time. What can I credit for this industrial sized shift in perspective? You guessed it: Scrivener.

I do have a few complaints about the program, but not really pertaining specifically to writing. In actuality, my complains stem from wanting to turn the software into a PIM or CRM, but, because I’m using the Windows version, I’m limited on some of the features the Mac users can enjoy.

The big feature lack is Custom Meta-Data. Another one is changing the Binder Icons. The last one that I really don’t like (but it may have the same limitation in the Mac version, too) is the limitations on the tables. If they functioned more like a spreadsheet (sortable columns, copy/paste functionality that does go all haywire, etc), then it would be the perfect tool for virtually any use.

It is claimed “unofficially” that parity will be reached by the end of 2014. I can wait. In the meantime, I’m checking out another program to use as a CRM for my day job. I do not have high hopes for making it work, but, you never know. Who would have guessed I’d get Scrivener working the way I like it?

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