Another day down on the writing front. Even got a late start this morning, and still managed to pull out my quota. I am starting to notice that this is just about all I have time for each day, minus my day job duties and my random walk down the internet, in search of the forever elusive CRM or PIM for my business.

It makes really no sense to me at all. I get a trial of one, it has all but one necessary feature. I download another PIM and it has all features except for one the last software had. It just keeps going on and on. There’s always one feature that I need that is left out. It’s rarely the same one, and if I were able to merge several programs together, it would be the perfect fit. This is ridiculous!

Not to mention the insanity of online CRMs. Why would I trust some company with my contacts, when I know good and well that my internet will go out in the future? Then what? Are they going to comp me for revenue lost? Nope. I just want a simple, out of the box, desktop package, that will do what I want, is easy to learn. I’d even be willing to pay, but the pay software is not any better than the freeware out in the world.

One word: ridiculous. I’m hoping to make enough with my writing so I can kiss my day job altogether sometime in the future. Not have to worry about CRM at all. Oh, wait. Do I need one of those for my writing business?

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