April 10, 2014

1094 Writing / No Editing

I managed to reach my writing target for the day, but just ran out of time on my editing. Being self-employed can have some negative aspects to it. For one, it allows you to procrastinate things that the otherwise employed person simply can’t drop the ball on. It also means you can, as your own boss, decide which tasks are worked on in a given day.

Today I focused on the new software I’m trying out: Essential PIM. It works relatively well as a PIM program. I’m using it to record appointments and contacts for my day job, email for all accounts, and the task list for all my goals and tasks.

I don’t think there is a single aspect of the program that works perfectly, though, it is better than any program I’ve looked at so far. This one is workable. Not efficient by any means, or does it have all the features I’d like to see, either. But, I can patch here, and duct tape there, to get it at least close to what I’m wanting.

I think the biggest challenge I have, other than procrastinating, is just having too many tasks in my Next Actions list for any given day. And I’m not talking all my tasks (there’s even more filtered out that I’m not working on yet). I’m talking just those I want to be working on, that I want to get done. I need a personal assistant. 😉

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