Well, I’m back in the saddle again, with a new schedule and checklist system (GTD Method), hoping to get some balance to my life and work schedule. The past several weeks have been quite a roller coaster. I spent some time out on the coast, at my retirement/vacation home, getting water lines replaced (broke during the winter freeze) and getting some progress done on the remodeling. Now I’m back at my day job, and business is starting to really pick up. This weekend was the first really busy one, where I can already feel the pressure with clients stacking up on themselves in the lobby, waiting to be helped.

My new schedules allows three hours in the morning for writing. I don’t think it’s enough to get everything done, but it’s enough to get my writing and editing done, which is the most important. While dividing my time between my passion and my work-a-day, I may just have to settle for a limit. Retirement will come soon enough, then I’ll be able to devote my entire day, every day, to writing (or whatever else I want).

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