A show I’m not really all that surprised got canceled. A soap opera cast in an alternate future where aliens crash land on our planet. It would have been better if they had some better cast. Most seemed to be phoning it in, or were just not believable. Aimee Teegarden was the worst of the bunch. And, we can’t leave out Johnathon Schaech, who I thought died after That Thing You Do! Surprise to me – he’s the king of B Rated movies and has put out some greats like 8MM 2 and Road House 2! LMAO! I don’t remember him in quarantine, and it seems he was claravoyant, as he kept right on working in movies as he was doing Star-Crossed – he has four movies coming out this year!

The show was actually watchable, but barely. It was canceled mid-season, too.

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