I don’t know quite what to say about this product. Like most supplements, you don’t really notice anything until you stop taking it. I would say the most predominate difference I’ve witnessed is with my teeth, leading me to the conclusion that the dental problems I had in the past were due to poor diet (lack of nutrients).

Unfortunately, I have not experienced any noticeable boost in energy levels. But, I will say, the theory behind this product seems sound. I certainly do not get the nutrients I need to because of my diet. I also agree that, even if I were to eat right, I would still be lacking in many requirements simply because they have been processed out of our foods and the ground altogether.

It could be considered expensive (I pay about $120 / month for both Vitamineral Green and Earth), but it’s actually pretty cheap food that you don’t have to eat and is a hundred percent better than eating all the actual foods. I will say, I cannot take this stuff in powder form. I tried that at first and quickly bought a pill maker and some capsules. This is much easier for me. V-Caps were way too expensive.

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