August 9, 2014

My New Kayak

Here is a picture of my new Kayak that is in transit right now. It is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday, just before I head over to my house on the coast. My paddle has already arrived, and, unless the unforeseen occurs, I will be taking this baby with me and she’ll be taking her maiden voyage in the river early Wednesday morning.

I was a little concerned about this boat, mainly because it has a max weight capacity of 300 lbs (and I’m at 280 lbs). I call this motivation to shed that other person I’ve been carrying around with me for too long. I purchased some foam golf balls that will serve as impromptu scupper plugs, hopefully keeping me dry in the cockpit.

This is really a breakdown fishing kayak, so there’s always a lot of talk about “the gear” that goes with you. I will be doing none of this. This boat will be strictly for exercise and enjoyment. As a kid I spent a lot of time in an over-sized canoe, with a double bladed paddle and absolutely loved it. In my 20’s I bought an old fiberglass kayak and, although it was better in some ways to the canoe, I’m hoping this SOT will bridge both worlds for me.

I plan to only use this in flat water. Here locally I have both a section of river right by my house, and a reservoir 15 minutes away. But, the main goal is to use it on the coast, in the river tidewater, where I have over 25 miles of flat-water, surrounded by pristine coastal forests. Talk about heaven.

Once I receive my boat, I’ll do a thorough inspection and will post updates.

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