August 23, 2014

TV Show Review: The Strain

Apparently this is based off of a horror trilogy by Chuck Hogan. Although I’ve heard the name of the author before, I’ve never actually ready any of his stuff. I guess I need to rectify that pretty soon, huh?

It was first supposed to be a tv show, but couldn’t get peddled. Then it did well as a book series, and, guess what, now it’s one of the best television shows on tv right now. A new twist to the old vampires story, these are more like parasitic, blood-sucking worms than vampires (though they do catch on fire in the sunlight). If not for that, the human race would be doomed. It might be regardless.

This is one of the few shows that I actually look forward to watching all week, so that should tell you something. Watch it. You will like it.

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