August 24, 2014

TV Show Review: Extant

I remember when Halle Berry was the be all end all of everything on the big screen. Now, she can’t seem to even keep the little screen from putting me to sleep. The first season of her tv show Extant has lulled more than me to sleep, it has put comatose most of the country, and the show is now under threat of cancellation. So much for star power.

It’s kind of an interesting plot, except for Halle is really showing how terrible of an actress she really is. I’m watching the season finale right now, and I’m surprised at how much better it is than the first six episodes. I wish they had not saved up all the good writing for that last show. If the whole season had been like these last two hours, it might have been saved and a second season made. At this point, Halle will need more of a miracle than an alien from outer space hitching a ride in her belly.

Too bad we’ll never actually see what happens.

UPDATE – Apparently I spoke too soon. There are actually four more episodes to go. I just assumed it was the end because there were two episodes back to back this week. Go figure. So, the show still has a chance. We’ll have to wait and see.

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