August 30, 2014

TV Show Review: Cops

Okay. I have to admit. This is horrible television. Really. But, good God, is it entertaining! I mean, there is nothing like watching a cop pull a car over, only to find it full of guys, with a single girl in the front passenger seat, with NOTHING ON but a bed sheet wrapped around her. Come on! Does this kind of stuff really happen in the world?

Bust after bust, it never gets old. And how long has this show been on the air? Twenty-seven seasons so far? I can’t be the only one who likes this show.

I loved the latest one I watched, where a guy was pulled over and was trying to act cool. When he opened the car door, the cop spotted the butt of a pistol under the guy’s seat. After the cop pulled his gun on him, and got him out of the car and cuffed, then the guy said there was no way that pellet gun was his, it was a friend’s car. Push come to shove, they also found pot in the car, and, after the guy was arrested, he finally admitted it was all his.

Are people really this stupid? This show is exhibit A that they really are.

I love it!

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