I used to get up early in the morning before school and sit in the living room and watch old episodes of the Road Runner. I dreaded the idea of going to school, so the cartoons were always a refreshing escape for me, a way to deal with the stress social life in public school always caused me growing up.

But there was something about that coyote I can relate to. I don’t think it was ever really explained why he was so hell bent on getting that road runner (oh, he wanted to eat him).

He certainly had it in for that bird, though.

Wile E. Coyote certainly knew lots of failure. Actually, it was all failure, wasn’t it? But, he never stopped trying. Undaunted, to a fault. Railroads traps, Acme rockets, catapults, sailing roller skates. You name it, he tried it.

I often feel that way with a lot of my projects and goals, especially writing. Always elusive. Always just out of reach.

I’m just glad I don’t have to deal with rockets!

(I wrote 1281 and edited 3069 words today)

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