I was talking with my mother today and she asked me if I had learned anything from my time in the military. I said, “Sure. People suck.”

That’s pretty much it. And pretty, true, for the most part. Thought, I do try to keep that tid bit of reality out of my stories. Most of my characters do suffer, but they also have some kind of hope they’re holding on to. Granted, I rarely, if ever, make it easy for them. But the redeeming humanity of the world is always available, if they should choose to take it.

I’ve found, it’s usually not that way in the real world. Most people are bitter, angry, and down right disillusioned. Those who are not, I think they’re lying to themselves. Don’t hate me for saying so. It’s just my personal opinion, after all.

Do you know any genuinely happy, well-adjusted people in your life?

(I wrote 1008 and edited 3019 words today)

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