As I’ve progressed with this new attempt to write regularly, one of my goals has been to start completing at least the bulk of my tasks on my TO DO list. I currently use My Life Organized, a great computer program for tracking your goals and tasks.

Needless to say, I have a well defined set of Goals, and the software produces a great daily TO DO list. Unfortunately, every day goes by and I only seem to get one or two things done. The rest of my life sits, languishing in the one-day-maybes section.

With my current writing goals set at a minimum of 4000 words a day, it consistently takes me most of the day to accomplish this, finishing usually by four or five o’clock (as I write/edit in between clients for my day job).

What I’ve decided to do (while I enjoy an impromptu mini vacation on the coast), is cut my writing goals in half. Instead of producing four new titles a year, I will produce two. This cuts my daily goals from 4000 words to 2000 (1500 editing and 500 writing respectively).

I’m going to try this for the next few weeks and see what kind of results I can get with this alteration. I’m hoping it will free up some time so I can get the rest of my TO DO list finished and also stave off what I think is upcoming writing burnout.

I’ll keep you posted.

(I wrote 524 and edited 2250 words today)

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