I was searching for a really funny movie the other day, while still on vacation at my place on the coast. There is, as always, the classics like Dodgeball, but I was hoping for something I hadn’t seen yet.

I tried one movie, but it failed miserably (I review it later). Then I found this one on my hard drive and scooped it up right away. I’m a big, big fan of Parks & Recreation, and this had two of their cast members in it. Likewise, it also had Die Hard 4 cast member Mary Elizabeth Winstead (did anyone else know she was also a singer – because I had no clue – granted, she needs some more modern material, though).

Regardless, this movie proved to be quite hilarious. Well worth watching. I’m also a big fan of Adam Scott (not as much for Amy Poehler, though). The two of them, though, work great in this movie. I try to watch everything Scott is in. He’s hilarious!

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