How does one start a review of a tv show that is so blatantly skewed as a shill for the upcoming 2016 political campaign? Does Hollywood really think us idiots? Maybe we are, if we can’t see this obvious bait and switch. This show is certainly a way to paint a fresh new perspective for the person who held this position not too long ago, if not a complete attempt at a revisionist history for those less informed.

Other than this, the show is somewhat entertaining, if not a little boring. I’ve been a long time Tea Leoni fan, though she’s definitely stretched a little too far with this one. For some reason, she can’t quite rise to the level of realism in this role, maybe it’s just not a good role for her, or she knows it’s all fake to begin with and they’re just running a 40 minute weekly ad for the Hilary 2016 campaign.

I can’t imagine this one will have more than two years of air time. But, then again, they did cancel Outsourced. After that, no rules need apply.

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