I had a visit from a family friend last night, who wanted to talk about stock investing and possibly buying my business. I’d set up the meeting through my mother, who assured me that all of this was legit.

Well, come to find out, there had been a huge misunderstanding between them, and the meeting was a bust. He didn’t want advice on stock investing, he was just curious about how I was doing on the stock market. As far as the business, there was certainly no sale. Yep. Another misunderstanding. Go figure.

But, I did think one of his comments was interesting, as we spent the evening in my office chatting. We were talking about how subjective money was, how $13,000 could be seen as a little or a lot, depending on your perspective, and how there was no way I would ever make lots of money – like millions.

He immediately countered me, saying I had no idea what the future would hold for me. Keep in mind, this family member has no idea that I’m writing books or that I want a writing career. Yet, he went on to say I might in the future find something I really love doing, like some kind of art or creative endeavor, and people start buying it, there’s no telling where that will lead.

I just looked at him, tried to keep a lid on my writing endeavors. But, it really stuck with me, trying hard not to convince myself that this was some kind of cosmic hint at what the future holds.

Could I really be lucky enough, write well enough, create interesting enough stories so I don’t have to get a day job once I move to the coast? Spend as much time as I want on the river, surrounded by a near pristine landscape, all on a popper’s budget, spinning yarn after yarn, no contact with the outside world?

I guess I’ll have to wait and see. It was definitely a nice jolt of motivation, to keep on keeping on. There is but one certainty – I will definitely make zero if I quit writing. But, if I keep it up, who knows what the future will hold for me.

Oh, no. I think I just convinced myself. My friend is certainly a prophet.

(I wrote 599 and edited 1322 words today)

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