So, today was my first official day back to the grind. No longer at the coast. No more kayak paddling in paradise. No more sleeping in and waking up because it’s too bright outside my bedroom window. I’m back in hell – where it’s over 90 degrees all the time and the people on the phone are rude and the clients are ridiculous.

I did have a big whale come in over the weekend, while I was gone. They’d called on pricing before I left, but then decided to go to a local competitor because of price. No problem. Well, they ended up back with us yesterday because the competitor was closed over lunch (we are not).

$1000 dollar check in the bank, with possibly one or two more to follow. Nice save.

But, this has nothing to do with my writing for today. Sadly, I’m not sure how well cutting my goal in half will do. Don’t get me wrong. it was much, much easier to hit today. Didn’t seem to take me nearly as long, either.

Originally, though, the reason I cut the goal was so I could finish my TO DO list every day. But, here it is, almost 5pm, and I’ve gotten nothing more done on my TO DO list than I usually do.

This tells me, it has nothing to do with my original writing goals. On top of that, I can really account for what else I did today. So, where did that time actually go?

Strange, isn’t it?

I actually feel really unsettled about dialing my writing goals back. The idea of releasing four books a year really motivates me, where as, two books a year – just doesn’t have the same kind of punch in the gut, does it?

So, I’ll sleep on it and decide some time tonight if I’ll give the reduced goals another chance tomorrow, or if I’ll go back to my original 4000 words a day.

(I wrote 516 and edited 1848 words today)

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