October 16, 2014

TV Show Review: Gracepoint

I don’t really know what to think about this show. I watched the very first episode and now I’m stuck between liking it and being 100% bored to tears while watching it. Apparently, it was a hit in Europe. Even the star of the show, David Tennant, crossed over to come play the lead for us. Imagine that? A lead star on the same show in two different countries. I think this might just be the first for that.

But, I cannot say I care for the co-star. Anna Gunn is a horrible actress and not very nice to look at, either. So, there’s strike two. Add to it a rather slow moving script, and you have a show that I can’t quite get behind, yet can’t quite stop tuning in either.

Hopefully it will get better as the first season moves along.

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