I easily finished my writing goals today, getting done with both my editing and writing by 1pm. That freed up the rest of the day to check off all my other research and reading tasks, as well as my non-fiction projects.

Though I didn’t spend a whole lot of time on any one project,I do feel like I accomplished a lot more than I usually do. The one thing I think I did differently was not watch tv from 1pm to 5pm, and make sure I was finished with at least my editing by lunch time. This is the biggest hill I have to climb every day, the one I like the least, and it was nice to be on top when I left the office at 11am.

That said, though, and despite that I technically finished, I do think I’m stretching myself a little thin when it comes to research. The one thing I did notice as I was working through my To Do List, there are often several books I’m reading per item, such as Science. Fiction reading I have two books that I’m working through.

Instead of trying to squeeze more and more into each line item, I think I will restrict one title per item. This should move things along at a better clip.

(I wrote 671 and edited 1391 words today)

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