I focused most of my day today on setting up a comprehensive Personal Finance Spreadsheet, so I can track all the money coming in and going out of my personal life. I haven’t had a need for one in several years, not since living on so little and putting the majority of my income into savings/investments. But, now that I’m inching closer to my jump off point, I figured it was time to get down to the ones and zeros.

I checked out several personal finance software programs, only to leave them disappointed. There’s always too much of a learning curve for these kinds of programs, they don’t really fit into my thinking and I’m constantly having to adjust my own approach to fit within the functionality of the software. So, instead of fighting with it, I set out to create my own in Open Office Calc.

I will upload a copy of my finished spreadsheet once it is complete.

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  1. Not sure what type of program you are looking for our what system you have in mind, but have you checked out You Need A Budget? Yes there is a gradual learning curve, but the support via videos and webinars is superb. That too started out as a spreadsheet!

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for the comment and YNAB recommendation. I have checked this one out, though I don’t like the idea of an online system nor one that is not free. Just personal preference for both. I should be finished with my spreadsheet today, and it is actually turning out to be just a simple, one page record for the entire year. I think that will work best.


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