My current weight for the day is 274.8 lbs and I did overeat today, coming in at about 2400 calories (my target is less than 1900 daily). My challenge today was having pizza on hand from the order yesterday. I also ate some cheese that was left from the block, after finishing off the last bag of Doritos. I would say the reason for eating the cheese was the “what the hell” excuse, since I was already over my target for the day.

I’m not sure why I eat excessively in the evenings. I do it typically while watching tv, when I stay up late, not wanting to go to bed (usually because I’m anxious about whatever’s going on tomorrow). If I go to sleep too soon, I tend to wake up a few hours later and then can’t sleep the rest of the night and I’m tired the next day.

Stresses in my life currently:

  • My teeth hurt but I don’t want to go to the dentist
  • Possible red tag shutdown on my house remodel
  • Can’t seem to get any traction on saving money (always have more debt)
  • Not successful yet as a writer

Proposed Course-Corrections for Tomorrow:

  • Do not order pizza or any fast food
  • Make it mandatory that I read the diet and self help books scheduled
  • Make it crucial that I eat less than 1900 calories tomorrow

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