June 15, 2015

Updates & News

I’m so excited I can’t hardly stand it!

I am in the middle of closing on a property of a lifetime. I had no intentions of buying more real estate. If you have spent any time on this website, you know I bought a house in a quaint little coastal town in the Pacific Northwest, where I plan to relocate once I sell my business.


Wonderful scenery all around the property, and this section of the lake has fewer structures on it. Perfect!

Well, I just happened to check out Realtor.com a few weeks ago, just bored and looking for something to do. I found a property on a gorgeous lake that was in a good price range. I inquired, but the real estate agent came back with a resounding now on carrying the contract from the seller. A little defeated, after spending a few days licking my wounds, I jumped onto Craigslist and within a minute I found a different property on the same lake, in a much better location!

So, I emailed the contact listing, just as a shot in the dark. After all, the person listing it did say they would carry, so, why not? Well, got a response quite quickly from the seller, and he was very interested in my proposal, though he did have another person semi-interested. His email had a few questions: What did I want to do with the property? etc.

I emailed him back and told him it would be for recreational, and after a few back and forth’s, he responded back, accepting my offer! He said he had called the other person and told him he was selling to me and that the property was officially off the market!

Get the hell out of dodge!


Bear track (i think) on the beach area near the property. This new property is in a cove, bordering land owned by a private timber company, and a natural watering hole for the local wildlife. I’m going to purchase a game camera and put it in one of the trees for awhile and see what kind of critters are wondering around when no one is there. 😉

Let me tell you a little background on this location. I spent summers on this lake with extended family when I was around 15 years old. They had a cabin just over the ridge from where this new property was located. Same ridge separated water on both sides. It’s a long, narrow, shallow lake, with lots of fish, but even more timberland to explore as a kid.

My extended family sold their cabin about 20 years ago. But, here is a new opportunity to get back on the lake and enjoy all the peace and tranquility it provides.

So, I wrote out a purchase agreement and sent it to him while I was at my house on the coast, working on the bathroom remodel. He responded by email the next day, saying he had taken the PA to the local title company and that the process was underway, that I could go out anytime I want to the property to check it out, or just spend some time out there.

Well, needless to say, I took him up on the offer and paddled out one day, taking lots of pictures and video.


My kayak tied up to the dock on the property. It’s a nice paddle, about three miles I think, one way, from the nearest boat ramp. It’s a great lake to paddle on, and when I left, the wind was blowing south, pushing me all the way. I barely had to paddle at all!

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