Good news for all you fans of Isaac Hunter’s hit AURORA SERIES. The next installment of this reality bending saga is now out on Amazon Kindle as of July 2016!

Isaac goes beyond his freshman Sci-Fi thriller mystery, SEEKING LIGHT AURORA, and ratchets up even more suspense with all the same great characters and some new ones, too.

In his first book, Isaac introduced us to a strange new reality for Terrance, Karii and especially for Scott Mendle and his family. This time around, though, the group finds themselves on shaky ground, as the world around them is ripping apart at the seams!

Hold on, as this follow up sequel straps you in for a true, gut wrenching adventure of a lifetime!

If you like thriller science fiction, mystery novels, or anything that causes you white knuckles with every turn of the page, then you ABSOLUTELY need to get your hands on Isaac Hunter’s newest novel, ESCAPING LIGHT AURORA, and continue this incredible saga where the first book left off.

Experience GREAT STORIES that you’ll never forget!

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