The Theology Program is an online series of courses focused on the fundamentals of theology released in the early 2000. Despite the dwindling of the ministry over the years, I do believe this series is still very relevant and has some good information to sift through.

I found the first course rather engaging, especially completing the workbook after watching the lectures. I have posted the entire 25 page document on my Patreon page. Check it out!

This is the first of six courses + a bonus course I plan to take from Credo House. They are completely free, hosted on It dives into the history of the bible, of church history, many topics about the basics of theology, and a little about what to expect from the other courses. It can be used as a stand alone, but I think I will get much more out of the rest of the courses.

Head over to my Patreon page to get access to my full 25 page answer booklet to the discussion questions for the course. Thanks in advance for your support.

Check out reviews of all books and courses used in my Unschooled Master of Theology in Biblical Studies degree at my Patreon Page.

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