I’ve decided to start reviewing or discussing podcasts I find especially interesting, especially since I listen (or watch) quite a few of them.

This post will focus on a podcast Joe Rogan did with Bob Lazar. To be honest, I had no idea who this guy was until I watched Joe’s other podcast episode of George Knapp. That episode I found to be an eye opener. So I immediately found the documentary about Lazar and after that watched this episode by Rogan.

So, now I’ve come away with an incredible crash course, if you will, on all things pertaining to aliens, ufos, government involvement and the like.

Though this subject is not part of my uThM Program, I think it is at least transgentle to my research questions, especially given my conclusions about Bob’s account and the underlining world-view I work from.

So, let’s jump into flying saucers, close encounters, and all things Bob Lazar (but, just don’t bother him about it)…

An Incredible Account

What can you really say after first watching a podcast about a person like Bob Lazar, then watching a documentary about him, then a podcast with him as a guest?

I mean, what do you say to all that?

First, it’s simply impossible. It’s mind boggling. How could a guy come up with such a fantastically ridiculous story, yet stick to it, even to the point that it jeopardizes his freedom and possibly his life?

How does the US government erase a person’s history? Their education? Their work history? I guess the same way they stiff a veteran on what they promised and leave him with tens of thousands of dollars in medical bills.

They just do it.

If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you know I’m no fan of the US government, the criminals in Congress or the VA Medical System. As far as I’m concerned, the entire governmental enterprise is utterly debased, immoral and we do not actually live in a democracy but rather under oligarchical tyranny.

So, it does not surprise me or take much to convince me that what Bob Lazar says is true.

But, I’m also not a true believer in the close encounters. Yes, I was a rabid fan of X-Files, and I like all the alien movies they put out (well, the half decent ones anyway), but I don’t go to watch parties and I don’t spend hours on Youtube looking at UFO footage (well, okay, maybe a few hours).

I have to say, though, watching Bob in this interview with Joe, I’m a little shocked and find it hard to dismiss his claims.

But, could you imagine living a life like that? He certainly could have no life (not that I have a life) or social engagements, not knowing when he would get called up to work. And he said his co-worker lived there on the base itself.

Did he ever leave?

Would you ever want to leave or have a family or socialize, knowing what you know, and doing the kind of work they did? I don’t think I would. I would simply want to remain there. After all, it’s just about the safest place to be in the entire world.

I realized, while watching the podcast, how much of a failure my life has ultimately been. I guess failure is a little overly critical. Maybe uneventful would be better. Common.

But, what do you expect? I was not born to wealth or influence. I was basically sold off by my parents to the military so they wouldn’t have to pay for my college (not that I ever asked them to in the first place). I was fed about as many lies as the “mentors” in my life could feed me. No one really talked about the realities of money. About the realities of employment, of health. They just kept saying, “Do whatever you’re passionate about.”

Not that my life has turned out bad. I’m certainly not in fear for my life from clandestine government operators lurking in the shadows. I only work part-time and live on the edge of a lake and get to spend 95% of my time reading and watching lectures and taking online courses in subjects that I find truly fascinating.

But, what an experience that must have been for Lazar, to step into that hanger for the very first time and see an actual UFO! He could touch it. Was able to play around with it. Eventually got to go inside it!

How mind warping that must have been (if it actually occurred)?

My Take on Aliens and UFOs

So, let’s talk for a moment about Aliens and the multitude of sightings around the world, especially given the new information the government has revealed in the last few years.

There are UFOs.

They are not weather balloons or flocks of birds, or some other sort of concocted excuse. There are verified encounters with military and civilians alike that are “unidentified” and “fly.”


And, if Bob is to be accepted as credible, these spacecraft are anti-gravity driven, meaning they warp the space around them and create a means of attraction (anti-gravity). They can move very fast, and appear to be piloted by extra-terrestrial beings.

What are these things and creatures? What are they doing here? Where did they come from? What do they want from us?

There really is no way of knowing at this point. We have what we have and what we have the US Government seems to think belongs to them. I guess that’s why they needed to lie to me and stick me with vast medical bills, so they could keep lying about UFOs. At least it was for a good cause, right?

Whether Bob is telling the truth, I don’t really know. But, say he is. Here is my theory on what they are and what they want.

They are either angels or fallen angels or demons or the worldview I ascribe to is way, way off, and these are more advanced sentient beings either from earth (long ago) or from somewhere else.

Bob’s account states these ships are from the Zeta Riticuli Star System and more specifically, from ZR3, the third planet in that system.

How could they possibly know that? And, if it’s true, how could my theory hold up?

Well, there could have been an alien in one of the ships, especially if they were shot down. If they were able to communicate with it (certainly an advanced being would be able to speak English, right?) or if they found papers or documents or devices that had writing on them in the ships when they found them. Bob claims the interior of the ship is without such artifacts, at least in the structure itself. But, if you can build an anti-gravity ship, can you imagine what your computers would be like?

One aspect Bob theorizes that I thought was interesting is, what if you had a race of beings on a separate planet, but on that planet they did not have oil like we have in such abundance here on earth. This has, in fact, driven most of our technological advancement, the procurement and burning of fossil fuels.

But, what if on their planet, they have this other element (that’s not even found on earth), and their technological evolution does not track with ours? What if, because of their resources available, they never went from hunter-gatherers to boats to horses to cars to computers to AI? What if they skipped over most of our intermediate steps altogether, just by chance?

But, I hold to my personal view. I personally lean toward angels. Angelic beings created by God, who are so far advanced technologically from us that what they do and the tools and equipment they have looks to us like magic.

I’m also convinced, one day, when the delusion is in full swing, what we call aliens (which are actually fallen angels aligned with the devil) will make contact with humanity and will usher in the final abomination of desolation as predicted in the bible.

I’ve never really accepted the trite, Sunday school version of the spiritual world. I think that world, that plane of existence, is far more real than our physical, external world is. In fact, I don’t believe this world humans live in, this reality, is all that real. I think it is matrix like and fake. It is other than real. It is fallen. It is broken.

Once it is over, once judgment has been delivered on the world, on the inhabitants of this planet, I am convinced, the false lens by which we perceive reality will be removed and we will see the true reality, the one in which God is declared to us fully, in which the history and origins of angels are made known, and the full plan of creation is declared and those who are truly saved are inducted into the fellowship that is the heavenly host, were they become Sons of God and they take their place in the court of the one and true and eternal King.

A Life Ruined by the US Government

In the end, there is no way to know with any certainty whether Bob Lazar is telling the truth. He knows. Well, maybe. It’s possible he believes he’s seen these things, but they are a delusion. Typically, though, delusional people continue to see things that are not there. I have mentally ill family members and they are bat-crap crazy all the time. If left alone, to their own devices, it does not get better. Entertaining their delusions only seems to make things worse.

I don’t personally think Bob is crazy or delusional. And, that leaves a corrupt and sinister government in control of nearly every facet of society. That means everything we know, everything we depend on, it is all a lie. Everything is a lie.

Marriage. Family. Education. Career. Patriotism. Reality.

It is all a lie. No one can be trusted. No one is telling the truth. If this really happened to him, there is no truth. Nothing I dependable or reliable. And there is no escape.

Joe Rogan

So, I’ve been watching and listening to Joe Rogan’s podcast for several years now. I first became a fan of his from Newsradio. Then I lost track of him after the show ended. He went on to do Fear Factor (never watched a single episode) and then got involved in MMA (and I was not a fan of this either).

I don’t remember the first episode I watched of Joe’s. It’s an understatement to say he’s had a wild career. He’s definitely done well for himself. And, now the most recent news, if you haven’t already heard, he landed an astronomical $150 million dollar exclusive deal with Spotify, so starting September 1st he will only be there. I wonder if he will take down all the Youtube archive? Will have to wait and see on that front.

But, even more recent news, he’s decided it’s time to leave LA. He’s moving to Texas. I remember looking at Texas after my divorce. I actually looked all over the country, but found there were major issues everywhere except for where I ended up in the PNW.

Texas had tornadoes. I mean, lots of tornadoes. So did North Platt, Nebraska (I broke down there once, spent a few days there while the vehicle was getting fixed, it was nice and flat, had a Walmart and a Little Cesears Pizza, too). I remember how disappointed I was when I looked North Platt up on Youtube and the first video was of a tornado ripping through town.

But, it is not clear where he’s going exactly within Texas. It’s a BIG state. I assume he’ll be heading to one of the maga cities: Houston, Dallas – probably Austin.

At least he’ll be able to keep putting out his show, even from Texas.

Until my next podcast review…

Excerpt from The Light Aurora:

The door’s lock released and Dr. Lewis looked around at each of them.

“Stay close, and be ready for anything. I’m not sure if they’re all in the Command Center or if they are trying to secure Level 4. Hell, they could all be evacuating.”

He stared at Scott as he came up onto the landing.

“Let’s go,” Scott said.

Dr. Lewis pushed the door open and walked out into the hall, followed by the others – in ones and twos.

Level 2 was similar to the other level, with a long corridor, doors on either side, all with security displays recessed into the wall next to them.

But, as they entered the corridor, Scott’s breath caught in his throat.

As he stood there with the others, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

In front of them, probably no more than a few yards away, were three bodies lying on the floor. One was sitting up against the wall, the side of his face melted, exposing his right eyeball and a good portion of his right skull.

Another one was laying face down, his entire back opened up at the spine, as if his spinal cord had been ripped out of him from behind.

The last one was a few more feet away from the others, on his back, his eyes seared from his head, black, burnt flesh where his eyes used to be.

The intercom came back to crackling life.


Derrick said over the intercom.

“Don’t worry. You can answer,” he said. “I can hear you.”

Scott looked up, then fixed his gaze on the security camera at the end of the corridor.

“Yes?” Scott finally asked.

There was a pause, static.

“What are you doing, Derrick?” he asked. “Did you do this?”

“Indeed,” Derrick said, coming back on.


“They refused to help me.”

“What are you trying to do, Derrick?” Scott asked.

There was another pause.

“I want to go home, Professor,” the boy said.


“Yes,” Derrick said, his tone soaked with some other-worldly confidence that did not belong in an innocent, ten year old boy.

“I want to go home, Professor,” he said again. “Would you be interested in coming home with me?”

Buy the entire story The Light Aurora today and get ready for the thrill ride of a lifetime! What is this foreign and hostile place these strangers find themselves in? What does it all mean? Will all of them survive?

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