This week I finished a show from the mid 90’s (back when tv was actually good). It’s called Party of Five (the original not the waste of money and air time that was the new remake – thankfully that’s already been canceled).

I’ve actually been wanting to watch this for awhile now, but could not really get invested until a few weeks ago when I finished Superstore and was craving something I could just jump into. This show did the trick, though it was certainly anything but perfect.

I usually binge watch tv shows in between my research time as I work through my Unschooled Master of Theology Program. This one was a perfect fit with plenty of episodes to keep me sated while I did reading and took courses.

So, let’s get into it and discuss all things Party of Five related…

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Audio File Download: Episode 009

In this episode I want to discuss the topic of attending seminary, or, more specifically, why not to attend a formal seminary and why and how to self-study a seminary education instead.

Many of the reasons I will cover have been relevant to the topic for years, but a few have only become an issue in the last year or two, so this is an important question to ask and really dig into, especially for those who are just graduating high school or who are in undergrad and are thinking they might want to go on to seminary at some point.

So, let’s just jump in and see what we’re talking about.….

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The next course I selected as part of my Unschooled Master of Theology program was the KI course, Revelation part 1, which covers the first half of the Book of Revelation. Here are the Discussion Questions for the entire course along with my responses.

As a reminder, you can all of my course assignments for the uThM here.

So, let’s get started….

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Audio File Download: Episode 008

In this episode I wanted to talk in detail about the theological topic known as Middle Knowledge. I actually had never come across this term or the concept before until about a year ago when Dr. Heiser in his podcast pointed to 1 Sam 23:7-13 as an example of God knowing the outcome of an individual’s decision despite that decision not actually being made. He just mentioned it in passing, but after a little research I was excited to find out it had a prominent place in both theology and philosophy.

Of course, I was pretty quickly confronted with the reformed objection, though, as far as that stands, the grounds for such objects seems retaliatory rather than than substantive or even at all biblical.

There are really only a handful of positions taken on this issue: there is Progressive Theology, Open Theism, Middle Knowledge, Calvinism, and finally Fatalism. I’m not going to address formally any particular camp, but my discussion here will certainly weave in and out of all of them.

The main argument, of course, is about what God knows and when he knows it. It is also about the content of his knowledge and how he relates to that content; i.e. is he in control of it or ruled by it. Does he create (predestinate) it or is he simply aware of it.

As with most theological issues, this is driven by hermeneutical priority, or how one approaches a particular text and how serious they take the Bible as a whole (do you accept the text as it is or do you read into it your opinion).

So, let’s dive in and see exactly what this philosophical idea is all about…..

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Audio File Download: Episode 007

One of the kinds of episodes I’m wanting to do on this podcast, I guess you could call it a series, are episodes devoted to exploring my fiction books, the stories, the characters, the worlds within my own imagination. So, on this epside, I’m going to talk about the first novel I ever finished and published on kindle called In the Meadow.

I think it turned out to be a great story, better than I had first imagined, and it has also spawned a sequel called Returning the Meadow and will eventually develop into a trilogy with the last installment I have in the works, Beautiful the Meandow.

So, let’s just jump in and find out everything there is not know (without spoilers) of this strange story of ghosts and maybe even demons and betrayal and sacrifice, but really what the story is about most, the brokenness of people and real, tangible, nightmarish fear….

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Here we go again, right? It was not long ago that I was writing a blog post about switching from a windows laptop to my android phone. That switch I had a lot of hope for. For awhile it seemed as if it was a good fit for me, lasting for at least six months or more.

But, I really got to the point this fall and really felt it throughout the summer, that using Android came down to suffering through my productivity by two main limitations – really two apps: Logos and Scrivener. These two programs are the two I use the most in any environment I’m in, but, unfortunately, in Android the Logos app is way underdeveloped for my needs and the Scrivener app does not exist at all and may never.

So, after bemoaning my troubles on an online forum (which I’m thinking is an activity I really don’t want to participate in anymore, but that deserves its own post), it was suggested that I shell out over $1000 on a MacBook.

But, let’s just say I don’t really have that kind of cash just sitting around. Do you? I’ll pace myself here since this is a long, drawn out, and sorted affair. I’m going to cover all the gory details thought, have no fear. Also, remember you can read all of my reviews here.

So, let’s jump into the frey and see what it’s like for a lifelong windows user to switch to a MacBook machine.….

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Audio File Download: Episode 6

Welcome to the Isaac Hunter Podcast. In this episode I want to discuss a topic that was brought up during my dissertation defense, and most specifically, where a committee member asked me to defend and support a Trichotomic view of biblical anthropology. This is basically one of the two views of what humans are, stating either 1. the human being is made up of two distinct items (the soul and body) or 2. the human being is made up of three distinct items (soul, spirit, body).

So, let’s jump into this debate and see what I argued in my dissertation and how I would defend that view….

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Audio File Download: Episode 005

In this episode I’m going to take a break from theology related topics and provide an update on the Eden Property, particularly on the process I’ve made with the hiking trails I’m putting in over the next few years.

Though not directly related to my theological studies, the property and the trails in particular are connected to my avocation, my proposed challenge to build a sustainable garden where I can live full time in the future. My hope is to one day soon sell my house in town and live here on the property, in a small shelter with just a hammock and a wood stove in the winter and then anywhere I want in the woods during the summers.

I’ll go into greater detail in a future episode about the plans I have for the property, the specifics and all that. But right now, let’s jump in and discuss what I’ve been doing for a few hours each day during the week as we settle into fall with the hope that I’ll be able to hold out this year through the cold weather and make it through to spring (fingers crossed)…

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The next course I selected as part of my Unschooled Master of Theology program was the KI course, Prophets of the Gentiles, a little 8 lecture course focusing on Jonah, Nahum, and Obadiah. Here are the Discussion Questions for the entire course along with my responses.

As a reminder, you can read all of my course assignments for the uThM here.

So, let’s get started….

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Audio File Download: Episode 004

In this episode I wanted to talk about Preterism, Postmillennialism, and their view on Eschatology. This was brought up again and again in the notes from my advisor on my dissertation so I wanted to address it at length after I finished my own research on the subject.

Personally, I am a very uncommitted (well, more committed than I initially thought I was) Premillennial Futurist. I’m quite squirmish on when the rapture happens in these end time events, but I am very much convinced that the rapture will take place and I think it can take place at any time (but with a few conditions).

But, let’s dive into the deep end and find out what’s happening in the End Times since the whole world seems to have gone mad lately….

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Audio File Download: Episode 003

This episode, along with several other future episodes, will be covering research I’m doing to finish off my dissertation for the Doctor of Theology program I recently completed. I have already met all the requirements and have received my transcripts (diploma is on its way – got it!) but, due to some technical issues there were several pages of notes from my advisor that I did not get to address during my defense, as well as several comments and feedback from the other members of the committee that were sent to me that I wanted to further elaborate on in greater detail.

If you haven’t already noticed, I’m a sucker for homework.

But, these are subjects I have a great deal of interest in and I would have done an episode on these topics eventually, so I figured it would be more efficient to kill two birds and yada yada yada….and all that there.

So, in this episode, I’m going to be talking about those peculiar references in the Bible made about Nephilim. What are these “beings?” Where did they come from? Where did they go? Did the New Testament writers know about them? If so, what was their view? Are the Nephilim still among us even today?

So, let’s jump in and see if we can cut through the controversy……

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Audio File Download: Episode 002

In this episode I wanted to talk in detail about my experiences in graduate school in general and in seminary in particular. Actually, I’m going to cover my entire college and university experience, to be honest. All totaled, I’ve spent 7 years in post-secondary education, and would have to say about 75% of it was a complete and utter waste of time. Higher education is either a gross extravagance and a wholly unnecessary expense, or it is a complete financial and emotional burden and an utter scam perpetrated by those in government and the for-profit corporate engine that is higher education in the United States.

I would have to be honest and say I have learned nothing at the university or seminary level. Nothing. I used to say I only learned one thing in high school and that was how to type, but that can now be had by simply playing typing games online.

But, I’m getting ahead of myself. This podcast episode will cover what degrees I’ve completed, what kind of schools I went to, what kind of delivery they used, what problems I encountered in each, and what kind of ROI I received from each degree. Spoiler, it’s not really a great overall picture, but then again, it could be a whole lot worse.

So, let’s jump in and see what higher education was like for me now that I’m finally finished once and for all.….

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