I’m in the development phase of several podcasts currently, but I’m going back and forth on them at the moment.

Isaac Hunter’s I’ll Read You My Books Podcast

In this podcast, I’ll be reading the first book from every trilogy series I write. It will be serialized and will be a direct, informal reading with possible author commentary at the end of each episode.

Isaac Hunter’s Unschooled Master’s Degree Podcast

In this podcast, I will be discussing my weekly progress on my Unschooled Master of Theology in Biblical Studies degree that I’ve undertaken this year. I will also be commenting on the state of education, alt education, and will offer new and interesting resources to the unschooled and homeschooling communities that I find.

Isaac Hunter’s Bible Study Podcast

In this podcast, I will walk through the bible study series already in progress. It will be in both audio format with youtube video overlay.

Isaac Hunter’s Building Paradise Podcast

In this episode, I will be documenting my weekly progress in developing the Eden Property, the benefits and pitfalls of alt living, and a sneak peak at some projects I’m working on. This will be a video production, with nature scenes and images from around the property, and of creatures great and small.

In order to fully develop these podcasts, I need more time. If you’re interested in seeing these projects get off the ground, please consider supporting my research and writing efforts by heading over to my Patreon page. There are several levels of support you can take advantage of. Anything you can do to help is greatly appreciated.