Awhile ago, I stumbled onto an article online that seemed to be ripped right out of the front pages of the Walking Dead or Zombieland.

Real to life zombies? Are you kidding?

Well, come to find out, the final outbreak is sooner than we ever could have expected. They truly do walk among us. Well, sort of. More like stand up on their hind legs, fall over, and that kind of stuff.

Well, here we go. Read on to find out about Raccoon Zombies!

Click here to read more about how it all will end in my Dystopian Scenarios Series.

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An article appeared in Backpacker in 2014 about a young girl who disappeared in Nepal. Aubrey Sacco, a teacher, only 23 years old, vanished without a trace while hiking in a popular National Park.

She’d been in Asia for almost six months when she went for a hike in Nepal. After failing to return from her trip, her family contacted authorities.

Search parties were launched shortly thereafter, and her parents flew to the local area, but Aubrey was simply gone.

This article will go over the details of this confusing case as part of my continuing Missing in the Woods series, This one will send chills up your spine.

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This was a question I had for a long time during my twenties, especially as I did more reading on the paranormal and tried to integrate the two often distinct and sometimes opposing views of ghosts and what maybe the bible says about them.

Despite the kickback that often comes from mainstream denominations, I think it’s an important question to ask, as, surprisingly, the answer can change how we see the world around us and can dramatically shape (or re-shape) our theology and world view.

So, let’s peel back the layers and discover what the bible really says about ghosts and the Paranormal.

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Another disappearance occurred back in 2014, this time in Panama. Two Dutch students went to the Central American country for a well planned vacation after graduating college. After spending the first few weeks seeing the sights, the two set out on a day hike on a well known jungle trail and never returned.

Weeks turned into months before evidence was unearthed that pointed to what became of the two young women.

This article will go over the details of the case as part of my continuing Missing in the Woods series, But, be forewarned. The more digging you do with this one, the more troubling it gets.

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No one would have guessed back in 1977 that the unmanned spacecrafts, Voyager 1 and 2, would still be up and running over forty years later.

But, in November 2018, Voyager 1 left the Solar System we call home, and ventured out into interstellar space, a feat achieved by
Voyager 2 back in 2013.

Now, this human made spacecraft is on a new mission, one that may just outlast the human race itself. So, let’s dig into this first article in my new series on Science Talk.

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This article is not about some end-of-the-world, sci-fi, suspense novel or television show. It’s not even about Armageddon or the latest Apocalypse.


This article is about something everyone seems to know about, but few if any really pay attention to. In fact, as we go about another day here in the Pacific Northwest, there is a catastrophe brewing right under our feet.

What is it, you might ask?

Well, it’s the Mega Quake.

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The very definition of unexpected is something we don’t anticipate. An event that comes out of nowhere – uncontrollable – a bit of a blindside.

It can be anything. You’re in a really bad car accident. You find out your spouse is cheating on you. Or, you suddenly find yourself in a medical emergency and you’re surreally dialing 911.

A few weeks ago, the last example happened to me.

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Recently, I stumbled onto a unique and perplexing (if not mysterious) group of missing people that spans not only the entire United States, but quite possibly the world.

I’m referring to the strange and often bizarre disappearances of people who wander off into the woods and are simply never heard from again.

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I awoke that morning with a start, the faintest light from the first rays of dawn cast across my living room floor, the gentle nestle of warmth and safety and comfort cocooning me as I rouse from unconsciousness.

Then the sound comes again, unrecognizable at first, startling though, just the same.

A slap.

Thump, thump.

A faint-hearted, futile shriek registers, triggering the memories from the night before.

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What, you ask, could I mean?

Take an ancient castle for instance, if we must. It was most likely built at the behest of a king or a nobleman, maybe some kind of dictator, or wealthy landholder, during a time when people received very little for their wages to actually build it, and most laborers lived out what we would consider today an impoverished and often brutal existence.
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