Graduate Certificate in Digital Entrepreneurship

This Study Plan is a curated collection of online courses and materials that can be used to unschool a Graduate Certificate in Digital Entrepreneurship with an emphasis on developing a successful online business with effective social media and content marketing skills. Much of these courses and study materials can be tracked via and transferable skills can be certified via their Certification Programs.

Free Advertising

Paid Advertising

Sales Funnels

Pricing Strategy & Promotions

Financials & Business Accounting

  • Business and Financial Modeling Specialization (Coursera)
  • Your Money or Your Life
  • Dave Ramsey’s Peace University
  • Radical Personal Finance Podcast
  • Early Retirement Extreme Blog
  • Optimal Living Daily Podcast

  • Financially Freed: A Heretic’s Guide to Winning at Money and Life
  • On Pennies a Day: Buying a House in a Post-Boom Economy
  • Going to College on Pennies a Day
  • The White Picket Fence
  • Slip Loose the Noose: Ending Your Slavery to Debt
  • Retire on Pennies a Day
  • Swimming with Sharks
  • Tyranical Tuition: Navigating the Ridiculous Costs of College
  • The Giant Credit Card Scam

Lifestyle Design

Final Projects

    After Completing 10 Elective Courses from Above:

  • A Hackable MBA: The Heretic’s Guide to Thriving in Today’s Marketplace
  • Hacking Your Retirement

Resource Submission

If you know of an online resource that would be helpful for this study plan, please use the form below and let me know about it.