Graduate Certificate in Fringe Science

This Study Plan is a curated collection of online courses and materials that can be used to unschool a Graduate Certificate in Fringe Science, with a focus on quantum physics, alternate realities, time travel, and supernatural phenomenon.


Basic Physics

  • The Restless Universe
  • Classical Mechanics by Gregory
  • Feynman Lectures on Physics
  • The Grand Design
  • TTC – Physics in Your Life
  • TTC – Great Ideas of Classical Physics
  • Physics for Dummies
  • Physics for Dummies Workbook

Theory of Relativity

  • The Special and General Theories of Relativity by Einstein
  • TTC – Einstein’s Relativity and the Quantum Revolution
  • TTC – Particle Physics for Non-Physicists

Quantum Physics

  • The Elegant Universe
  • Fabric of the Cosmos
  • Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You
  • Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Physics for Dummies
  • Quantum Metaphysics
  • Foundations of Quantum Mechanics
  • Basic Tools for Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Mechanics for undergraduates
  • Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
  • Quantum Physics for Dummies

Alternate Universes

  • Hidden Reality
  • Parallel Worlds
  • The Great Beyond

Time Travel

  • Dr. Quantum’s Do It Yourself Time Travel
  • Time Travel and Warp Drives

Supernatural Phenomenon


Final Projects

    After Completing 10 Elective Courses from Above:

  • Hacking Physics: A Heritic’s Guide to the Reality of the Cosmos
  • Hacking Time Travel: A Heritic’s Guide to Returning to the Past and Visiting the Future
  • Hacking Space Travel: A Heritic’s Guide to Space Studies
  • Hacking Astronomy: A Heritic’s Gide to Exploring the Night Sky
  • Hacking Biology: A Heritic’s Gide to Foundations of Life
  • Hacking Genetics: A Heritic’s Guide to Science on the Edge
  • Hacking Geology: A Heritic’s Gide to the Foundations of the Earth

Resource Submission

If you know of an online resource that would be helpful for this study plan, please use the form below and let me know about it.