Graduate Certificate in Futurism & Dystopianism

This Study Plan is a curated collection of online courses and materials that can be used to unschool a Graduate Certificate in Futurism & Dystopianism, focusing on the advancement of technology, the coming singularity, robotics, and survival tactics for natural disasters and possible dystopian events.

Survival Tactics

Final Projects

    After Completing 10 Elective Courses from Above:

  • Rabid Squirrel’s Guide to EOTW
  • Nomad: Modern Experiment Living in the Woods, Off the Land, Next to Civilization
  • Building Paradise: How I Created my own Garden of Eden
  • Rabid Squirrel’s Guide Lone Wolf Strategy
  • Rabid Squirrel’s Wilderness Survival Manual
  • Rabid Squirrel’s It’s the end of the world as we know it
  • Rabid Squirrel’s Extreme Homesteading
  • Rabid Squirrel’s Alternative Health Care
  • Rabid Squirrel’s I’ll Eat Whatever I Damn Well Want Diet

Resource Submission

If you know of an online resource that would be helpful for this study plan, please use the form below and let me know about it.