Death Studies Project

Death is the single, most unifying threat of humanity we have. It is an inescapable reality for all who are born, for all that live on the earth. It is often accompanied by pain or fearlessness, maybe at times both. Yet, it is relentless, foreboding, all consuming. Death is a journey we have all embarked on from the day we drew our first breath.


This research project will focus on several specific areas:

The Metaphysic of Death
What is death? Is it a physical event alone? Does it snatch us away, or simply snuff out that spark burning within each of us that we call life? Is Death a sentience, or more akin to a physical phenomenon like gravity? Will there be a point in which Death ceases to exist?

The Physical Death
How do we die? What is the process? What are the common and uncommon physical signs of dying and death? What transpires at the last breath? What occurs physically after death? What is the body? From where does the body come and how does it go? How does advances in medicine alter the physical death process? Is there a cure for physical death?

The Emotional Effects of Death
How do we feel about death today? What emotional changes occur in the terminally ill? What happens psychologically and emotionally to those who die suddenly, as opposed to those who die slowly? What is a healthier emotional state in preparing for our own death and/or the death of a loved one?

The Spiritual Effects of Death
What are the spiritual ramifications of death? How does imminent death effect the dying person? Is the bible true in it’s account of death?

After Death
Is there an afterlife? What of us exists after the body ceases to function? What of near death experiences? Is the biblical depiction of afterlife accurate?

Preparations for Death
How could we better prepare for our own death? What processes should we put in place beforehand? What of the death industry? My own death preparations.


I am both fascinated and terrified of the prospect of death of both myself and others. But, I do long to understand it, get my arms around what it means to die, prepare for how we often die, so that I know what to expect.

Death is the one event that no one really knows much about. Or, at least, we know virtually nothing about what happens at the point of death. Do we cease to be? Do we transcend? Are we reincarnated? Do we stand before the Great White Throne in heaven?

Akin to these questions are others: What are spirits or ghosts? Can we communicate with the dead and should we?


  • I predict the reality of death is as it is described in the bible.




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