Isaac Hunter’s Private Writer’s Retreat

From the edge of the Dark Woods is the setting for an upcoming trilogy series, The Kalawatset Chronicles.

A few years ago I purchased an acre of property near these woods with the ultimate goal of turning it into my own private Writer’s Retreat. I’m currently working my day job primarily to pay the property off (which should be achieved by the end of this year). I will document my Writer’s Retreat project HERE.

Inspiration for a gruesome, yet untitled Serial Killer Series. So, be careful. In this pond there are bodies buried.

The private Writer’s Retreat property has no roads, and can only be accessed by an hour long paddle and then a short hike from the water’s edge into the Dark Woods. This particular pond is at the property boundary, and likewise has no public access. Inspiration struck one day while sitting along the bank, for it is where my serial killer can safely entrust his most precious possessions – under the surface of these murky water’s.

This is a narrow arm of an ancient lake, the inspiration for Beneath Dark Waters, an upcoming supernatural suspense novel, book 1 of the Kalawatset Chronicles.

This particular lake has a rich and marred history, one lost in the haze of a forgotten and abandoned past. Yet, the spirits of its forefathers still remain, despite the encroachment of modernity. This lake, it was cursed and forsaken, for it was stripped of its rightful people long ago by the ghosts who have overrun it. But within these waters, a supernatural power still stirs. It’s vengeance will not be quenched.

Along the paddle trip to Isaac Hunter’s private Writer’s Retreat.

The private Writer’s Retreat property is situated on an arm of an ancient lake, one in which the natives feared possessed horrific monsters that would come out of the dark waters at night and drag anyone foolish enough to be camped along its shores. Can you hear it in the distance?

It sounds like…SCREAMS!

Follow along with Isaac Hunter in this real life adventure as he creates a private Writer’s Retreat on the very land where many of his novels are not only written, but where they found their first spark of inspiration!

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