Frequently Asked Questions About Isaac Hunter

Here are the questions people ask most often. If you have a questiond don’t hesitate to ask it using this link HERE. The most popular questions will be added to this page.

Who is the author of this site?
My name is Isaac Hunter and I’m a writer of Supernatural, Suspense, Thriller Novels. While in disguise at my day job, I’m a mild mannered office worker. I currently live in the Pacific Northwest.

How/Why did you start writing?
If you mean writing in general, I remember writing stories when I was just a little kid, though I’m not really certain when I actually started. I know my over-active imagination was going strong well before I started writing. I think I could always see other worlds in my head that no one else could see. Worlds with characters that were so much more interesting than our own. As far as my fiction writing specifically, I wrote my first novel in 2009, shortly after a life altering experience (I refer to as Golem in the dedication section of all my books). This experience provided sufficient enough motivation to finish the rewrites on that first manuscript. I did not release it to the public for several more years.

What are your writing interests?
I am a child of horror fiction, specifically Dean Koontz and John Saul being my two childhood favorites. My own writing interests to date would be anything that is dark, mysterious, supernatural, suspenseful, creepy, certainly macabre. I like to explore the failings of human beings, our fragility, especially on a supernatural/theologically heretical canvas. Witches are also of interest, as well as Native American folklore. Fallen angels have captivated me for a long time, so have other biblical concepts like the Rapture and apocalyptic environments. I really enjoy exploring broken relationships between people, whether that be between family members or romantic entanglements. One fascination I have is for serial killers, and they have been featured in at least one series and will be in several more. Ghosts, of course. Demons. Time travel. Alternate universes. God. Quantum physics. Monks. Living underground. Mathematics…..Oh, now you’ve got me going.

Why do you write reviews on your site?
One of my all-time favorite hobbies is watching TV shows and movies. Thus, I have to write about them, right? I also like to review books, documentaries, and music (though I don’t seem to find the time).

Will you review my book?
Yes I will, but only if you review mine. You go first….

What’s your favorite TV Show/Movie/Novel?
Favorite tv show? Fringe. Lost. NewsRadio. The list goes on and on. Just check out all my five star TV Show Reviews. As far as movies? Dances with Wolves. Alien Franchise. But, again, the list is simply too long. Check out my reviews. Favorite book from childhood would be Lightning by Dean Koontz.

What’s your favorite food when watching tv or reading a book?
Pizza. Ice Cream. Tacos. McDonalds. Did I mention Pizza?