Fiction Reading Project

Fiction had always been for me a tolerable if not copious escape from the woes of a forlorn childhood. Able to elude the drudgery of the social peculiarity of public education, I often found myself head long engrossed in this novel or that, always categorical fiction, mostly horror, of the dark, discussing evil, sinister plots, malcontents, and with some sort of supernatural proclivities.

I’ve reckoned it a great sadness that fiction I abandoned shortly after adulthood, chasing, as it were, some kind of elusive education lacking from my years of public indoctrination.

It was not until recently, in mid-life, that I have again returned to tend the ember of fiction that longingly burns inside. To read and ruminate in the creative, to dive head-long into its bliss. Of all the stories I have thus far experienced, of so many, many more I might yet entertain. A grand adventure into the unknown, into discovery, into fascination, awe, serendipity, into inspiration.


This research project will focus on one specific areas: A Fiction Reading List (see below).


I spent my childhood reading the likes of John Saul, Dean Koontz, books like Lord of the Flies and the Magic Cottage. For so long – most of my adult life – I have desired to read all the books available to me. I’ve even spent considerable time collecting most of the popular books in digital format, so that, at some later date, I might be afforded the time to read them, study them, be transformed by them.

I know now, there is no time like the present. There is no future date from which I might be afforded more time than what I currently have.

A coworker not long ago mentioned to me in passing how, “We have been spoiled by television,” and truer words have not been spoken. It is my hope to rectify this travesty.


  • I can read 52 fiction books a year.




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