Healthy Living Project

Overall physical and emotional health is the cornerstone of life. Without it, one is often plunged head long into chronic and pervasive misery, not to mention the possibility of a significantly shortened lifespan. Turning one’s overall health status around could be one of the most important and life transforming things we can do for ourselves and those around us.


This research project will focus on several specific areas:

Weight Loss
I am currently about 80 lbs overweight. In my mid 30’s I maxed out at 307 lbs, then successfully lost about 57 lbs, only to gain back about 16 lbs and currently maintain a weight of 266 lbs. My goal is to get down under 190 lbs and maintain that weight for the rest of my life. I am convinced this is the number one action I can take that will have the greatest transformative effect on my life.

Of course, weight loss alone will not create an overall healthy physical body, unless the body also has all the nutrients it needs to function, maintain and repair itself, and perform activities as needed, when needed. This can only be done through proper nutrition.

Exercise can be artificial (gym, treadmill, etc) or more natural (chopping wood, hiking, etc), but irregardless of approach, physical exercise is an essential component to an overall healthy physique.

Boosting Energy
Lower energy levels and lagging energy reserves are both common evidences of poor health. It is my goal to boost my own energy level, so that I might feel more robust and ready for the next challenge.

Increasing Longevity
It is impossible to live forever (yet) because Western Culture is plagued by a decreasing mortality rate due to heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle induced diseases. It is possible to turn these ailments around, cure our bodies, and extend our lives well beyond what we might possibly even imagine.


I was raised to eat a variety of processed foods, specifically hot dogs, frozen pizza, and other starch based food products. As a teenager with two parents working full time jobs, I fit into the mold of “latch-key kid” and was responsible most days for my dinners, and the food offerings for lunch at my school were less than healthy.

These habits ingrained over a lifetime have wreaked havoc on my life – my physical health, not to mention my social, emotional, and inner self-worth – and have proved resilient to will power and self-determination.

I have been diagnosed as diabetic, am approximately 80 lbs overweight, and struggle with extremely low energy. Physicians over the years simply wish to prescribe medications and balk at the idea of natural remedies, leaving me to my own devices, my own research, and little else to combat the dregs of an eating habit that has mired me in perpetual weakness and ill health.


  • I propose that I can systematically and proactively get my weight under 190 lbs and maintain that weight for the long term.
  • I propose that I can boost my energy level and increase my overall longevity through natural exercise and proper nutrition.




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