Lifestyle Design Project

it is the intentionally directed mind that manifests the life in which we currently reflect. The choices and decisions we made in the past affect and spring to life the circumstances we inhabit today. We We will design our own destiny and determine our own future. But, it is the intentionality of the one who designs their lifestyle that makes all the difference.


This research project will focus on several specific areas:

Early Retirement
To be free of the encumbrances of paid employment. Not so much to alleviate the necessity for income production (albeit an option), but to remove the requirement for enslavement to the production of financial imprisonment. To change the pattern of working for money to purchase things that are in need of money that we must work for to purchase….It is a system fraught with stress and captivity of the spirit and the impounding of the soul. Early Retirement is the clarion call for freedom from impoverishment of the mind and the spirit as well as the body and the pocketbook.

Life lived is not immediately one lived in satisfaction or fulfillment. It is important to think critically, to analyze the actions, decisions, choices we make, and ensure the results of those choices be in line with our guiding principles and personal beliefs. If they are not, then we are at odds with ourselves, and are in jeopardy of serving the two masters of mammon and monotony. Why and how we live this life are just as important as when and what we do while living it.


I look back on my life now that I’m in my 40’s and can see the decisions I made that shaped and brought to life the lifestyle I live today. Must I work for a living? Am I in debt? Do I have the relationships that I want? Are those relationships as deep or as meaningful as I wish they could be? The answers to these questions were all forged in the past. Bore from the depths of decisions I’ve already made, choices already taken. Today’s circumstance was the creation of yesterday’s thoughts and actions.

But, if we harness the power of our mind, of our steadfast determination, our commitment and sheer force of will, we can begin to alter the reality we now see. We can, instead of being victim to fate or chance or nature, rise above, engage our creative and forge a new path. The mind and our reality is hindered only by the self-imposed limits of our own imaginations. Our life is but yet an untold storybook, waiting to be written. What else is there for us to do but to seize it.


  • We make our current reality from the choices and decisions of our past.




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