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Status: Available on Amazon Kindle

Dawn McKensie just wanted a new life with the man of her dreams. She moved to a new town, made new friends, and everything was picture perfect. But one day, after stumbling into a small meadow alongside the Skagit River, everything for Dawn changed. That’s when the ones watching her began to appear. That’s when they started to call out to her and try to warn her and tell her to – RUN!



Status: Available on Amazon Kindle

In the far north of Alaska, a young truck driver strikes out on her first trip to the Lobo Mines with a semi-truck full of supplies. On the way, she discovers that time and perspective have a way of changing everything in an instant. What was a new beginning turns into the journey of her life – with the lives of several others hanging in the balance. Under the glow of the northern lights, she discovers that things are not quite as they appear.