Nature Photography Project

Nature. The brute beast of necessity, of eat or be eaten, of death that spirals up and around and back again to its beginning. Where worm does devour the king of the forest and the bear does trample down and rip apart with its claws and teeth. It is a vivid and horrible and breathtaking thing to witness, nature at work.


This research project will focus on several specific areas:

Nature Photography
To focus on the best ways to take nature videos and photos, both live action, stills, natural events like sunrises and sunsets, stars and other celestial objects fitted against a forested landscape, etc. To also wildlife in the midst of living, from sea life to wild animals, birds, and reptiles that crawl about through the underbrush. Determining the best tools and equipment, etc.

The Business of Nature Photography
This section will focus on how to monitize natural photography. How to make a consistant amount of money from wildlife photos and videos online and without direct interaction with the public.


I have been enthralled by God’s creations since a little child. In my youth, I would take off from my parent’s summer cabin, out onto the lake, moving silently along the bank in my canoe, cutting through the mist that hung low to the water, searching for signs of life – an otter feasting for breakfast, or a deer moving about along the shoreline.

As I grew older, I ventured deeper into the underbrush, into the dark recesses of the forest, where light does not venture for years, even decades. Those trees, shouting so loudly their silent cries of witness to the passage of time and the marking of space, standing watch in their endless toil to reach for the sunlight above.


  • I can support myself from wildlife photography.




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