What is the “darkness” of Jude 1:6? Where is it? How and for what purpose was it created? Who are its current and future inhabitants and how long will they remain there? What, in the end, will happen to this mysterious place that Jude seems to think we should be already well aware of?

In this paper I wrote for my Unschooled Master of Theology Program (uThM), I tackle these questions head on and make some fascinating discoveries.

(You can find out more about my uThM program by clicking here and read all of my assignments and see the coursework I’m undertaking here.)

So, buckle up for one hell of a ride, as we decipher the cryptic messages, reveal the hidden mysteries, and peel back the shrouded curtain and, once and for all, figure out what Jude was really trying to tell us.

Let’s get started….

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For most of my thinking life, I’ve wanted to read Clan of the Cave Bear. I’m not altogether certain why, I just knew I did.

But, of course, as life goes, one thing got before another, excuse after excuse as good as any, and I found myself in my mid 40’s without having had the pleasure.

So, when I started my uThM program, I immediately added the book to my reading list.

(You can read all of my book reviews here.)

So, now that I’ve finished this book and have checked a long over due item off my bucket list, let’s talk about it….

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Awhile back, I discovered a book by Henry David Thoreau called Where I Lived and What I Lived For. It was a small book, but it also ended up being quite a fascinating read. In fact, I think there are few books in this world that I’ve taken such a liking to so quickly.

You can read all of my book reviews here

So, without further ado. Let’s get started….

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Welcome to a new and improved Research Journal update, where I provide information about my life, about my writing, and about my unschooled Master of Theology Program (uThM).

Well, I guess we should get started….

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It’s been nearly a year since I was rushed into my local Emergency Room while having a heart attack. Quite a lot has happened over the last twelve months and I figured I would take a moment this afternoon and let you know what’s come of it all.

This is part of my Medical Crisis series.

On with the Update….

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I just finished the Metaphysics & Mystery course I started several weeks ago. I had first intended to participate with the actual class (apparently 2000 participants), but I really do not fair well with schedules, due dates, or specific meeting times.

Sorry. I guess you’ll have to sue me.

But, I did go ahead and finish the course asynchronously (where I shine). It was an interesting course, and, although the instructor and organizers were less than inspiring (more on that later), I did come away with a quite tantalizing and thought provoking list of questions.

The questions and my answers I’ve included in this post. If you wish to comment about my answers, about the questions, the topics – well, just about anything – please do so in the comments section below. Do keep in mind, though, these answers (and their questions) are a work in progress. They are a reflection of how I might feel about a topic at this particular time, influenced by a myriad of factors.

You can read all of my course reviews here.

Let’s get started….

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I spotted this article on my Pocket feed this morning after I got back from a nice 3 hour ride to the beach. I laughed out loud when I saw the title, Faking it: Could I go From being an Introvert to an Extrovert in One Week?”

Being an introvert myself, and someone who has dealt with this topic all my life, I couldn’t help but respond.

But, first, check out all my articles and posts at my website blog feed here.

Let’s get started….

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I managed to catch the latest installment of the Terminator franchise tonight. I have to say, I think it lives up to the hype.

That’s not to say there aren’t some things I think they should have avoided, a few things with which they could have done better. But, all in all, it’s a great addition to the overall universe of AI infused machines hell bent on destroying humanity. Be forewarned. This review will have a lot of spoilers.  

You can read all of my movie reviews here

Let’s get started….

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Look, people! You really need to get it together on this already.

Artificial Intelligence has arrived. The human race is doomed. You might as well get used to it. Don’t take it out on the innocent self-driving cars you are starting to see on the local street corner.

They didn’t do anything to you. They can’t feel anything. In fact, they don’t realize you exist. They don’t even know they exist!

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Just finished watching Dave Chappelle’s latest Netflix Special – Sticks and Stones. Quite impressive. Of course, the rest of the world was critical, but only because they seemingly go berserk when someone starts speaking the truth.

My favorite quote of the entire show: “I can’t live in this world you’re proposing.”

Classic. You really need to watch it.

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Welcome to my uThM Research Journal, a monthly summary and analysis of my coursework thus far. You can read more about it here.

You can read all of my journal entries here.

Let’s get started….

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I just finished my first official online course on Monasticism and Monastic Theology, part of my uThM Program.

I looked for awhile before I uncovered the free courses by Fr. Luke Dysinger, O.S.B at Saint John’s Seminary. The website is actually a treasure trove of courses and other resources available to the public.

You can check it out here.

Likewise, all of my coursework from my uThM Program can be found here.

I also keep a monthly Research Journal that analyzes and integrates what I’m learning. You can find that here.

So, let’s dig into my review of the online course, Monastic Spiritual Theology.

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